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[IPp] Re:We haven't been able to test basal rates!!

> <<you need to get a
> few MORE basal testing nights to make sure you see a real trend.  We have
> found this to be impossible.  I am still getting up every night to test her
> and I really see no trends going on.
> I am very frustrated about this. >> 

Don't worry Ellen, you aren't the only one this happens to!  Sorry I don't 
have any advice to offer, after 2 years I still haven't been able to do an 
overnight profile.  Too variable from day-to-day, week-to-week.  This is now 
a "low" week, for the daytime hours.  Lots of growth hormone (I think) is 
causing overnight highs, most, but not all nights--very hard to deal with.   

Barbara, Mum of Claire--now 9 years old.  
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