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Re: [IPp] We haven't been able to test basal rates!!

> My 7 year old daughter has been on the pump since the end of
> January.  We STILL haven't been able to test her basal rates, even
> at night.  First of all, you have to have a decent reading to begin
> with that is at least 4 hours 

make that 5 hours since food or bolus

> from her last bolus.  Then, (say we
> are testing at night), you test her through the night and chart
> trends.  Here is the problem, if you have a low you need to treat
> it, which voids the test.  

Not necessarily. If you know her response exact response to glucose 
tabs and you treat only with glucose tabs, the data is perfectly 
valid. My daughter get's a 25 point rise pretty consistently from one 
DEX tab. We've done profiles quite successfully when she has had to 
treat a low and found that backup profiles on subsequent nights 
without the low have the same data curve. Yes, you do have to adjust 
the data up or down by the amount of the bg rise, but it still works 

> If you have a high you have to leave it
> there to watch the trend.  Then, even if you manage to get through
> one night of basal testing without giving her juice or a correction,
> you need to get a few MORE basal testing nights to make sure you see
> a real trend.  We have found this to be impossible.  I am still
> getting up every night to test her and I really see no trends going
> on. I am very frustrated about this.  We have some really good days
> and some really lousy blood sugar days.  Sometimes on the third day
> of an infusion site we blame the high levels on that, but sometimes

hang in their. I remember one time it took a whole month just to get 
the nights done. Only happened once that way, but I know what you 

You don't have to make it through the whole night to make an 
adjustment if you have trends during the good hours of the profiles 
you've collected. A small tweak to the first part of the basal may be 
enough to stabilize things so you can get all the way through the 

Re-read Pumping Insulin -- section on profiles. And.... also see the 
HOWTO section of the web site for profiling BG's


> we can't figure it out. Just venting I guess, I wonder if anyone has
> any advice to help us with the basal testing. My daughter loves her
> pump, by the way, and though I am frustrated with it, I never want
> to go back to injections.  Ellen
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