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Re: [IPp] cruise help

In a message dated 4/11/03 8:37:40 AM US Eastern Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< We are leaving for a cruise tomorrow and I can't be excited about it 
 I'm too anxious.  Adding to the anxiety is the fact that I recently found out
 the cruise line wanted me to send in a letter to the medical department of 
 fleet informing them of my son's condition and what he does to treat it.  I
 just called them, and they said it was too late to send it in - should have
 been done before...  I think there probably is no real reason for them to 
 this, but I'm worried it could come back to bite us.  Have any of you had to
 do this before going on a cruise?   >>

I took my two grandchildren on a Disney cruise a couple of weeks ago. I'm the 
one with diabetes. They had to know I have diabetes, because I requested an 
early meal seating "because I take insulin." (I just wanted to have time to 
get my BGs back down before going to bed!) Nobody asked for a letter or 
instructions or anything. You take care of your son on a daily basis. I would 
assume you know what to do better than they. I would say if there was need to 
be concerned, my cruise line would have been because my grandchildren do not 
take care of *me*! LOL

Jan and ElvisToo
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