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Re: [IPp] Re: Pumping at School - need to assess how he feels!

Sorry, but I don't remember who sent the original post on this, but I have
been reading the responses and would like to add something I have not yet
seen in the responses. I am not sure about the college student and what she
may have in mind or anything but I would like to address the fact that your
son isn't really wanting to talk about his diabetes. I am  a diabetic myself
as is my mother. Ashlin(6)  makes three generations Insulin dependent
diabetics. What I noticed in my mom and in myself is that our identity gets
lost in the shadow of diabetes(haven's seen this too much in Ashlin, yet).
I don't believe that your son is trying to be rude but rather he is trying
to hang on to his identity so that people see him and not diabetes.  I know
even now, it is difficult to tell where the diabetes ends and I begin
because diabetes is all encompassing. It is something that we face day in
and day out and there are no vacations. He perhaps needs the reassurance
that the diabetes is not who he is but what he has. He also may need
reassurance that he doesn't have to talk about it if he doesn't want to but
maybe say it in a nicer way.
I do agree with the person who wrote that if there seems to be problems with
self esteem you are better off going to liscensed counselor not a college
student, someone who understands chronic diseases.
Kelly-dx'ed 03/91,pumpin' since 08/94; mom to Ashlin(6)-dx'ed  05/00,
pumpin' since 05/01
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> Hmmm.  Sounds to me like the college student just wants something to do.
> Maybe its something that she can add to her job description on her CV or
> something.  That being said, maybe she wants to try to talk to your son
> things and see what he has to say for himself.  What does he think of the
> idea?  Perhaps if you talked to the student a bit more you could find out
> exactly what she has in mind, and be able to better assess if it might do
> your son any good.
> I know that my Claire (age 8, diabetes 6 years) doesn't like any sort of
> made about her, and doesn't like to draw any attention to her diabetes.
> example, this week as a school project she had to paste together pictures
> herself at significant times in her life.  The teacher gave as examples,
> learning to ride a bike, playing my first hockey game (LOL this is Canada)
> etc.  I suggested choosing a photo of when she was dx with diabetes.
> all, this was a pretty significant thing.  She just looked at me in
> and said that she would have to talk about her poster, and she certainly
> wasn't going to talk about THAT.
> She tests her blood at her desk openly, but is now tired of telling other
> kids what it is for.  Even now there seem to be some kids who are noticing
> for the first time, as the teacher shuffles the seating arrangements
> Claire is also very popular and active and has never been teased about DM.
> But her older brother, age 12 at the time, was teased about having a
> with DM.  That child wasn't allowed to return to our home and promptly
> an ex-friend.
> From the sounds of it, your son sounds pretty well adjusted to me!
> Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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