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[IPp] We are on TV tomorrow

Well time is pasting faster than a bullet some days and now the group we
helped form and work with - Insulin Pumper's Canada is finally going to be
hosting their first ever Insulin Pump Fair or Expo. It will be on Saturday the
12 from 12 noon to 5 pm at the Future Inn in the Bayers Lake area.It's a drop
in for free viewing time and ask questions time to learn more about pumping
insulin and using newer blood meter kits to test for your blood sugars.

Our local TV station called ASN is having us in for a talk time on Friday
morning. We will be there from 7 am to 8:30 am and it looks like I have 2
adult and 6 kids who are using insulin pumps attending the TV time. So those
within the TV of ASN call see us all there wearing our new bright green shirts
and sharing how pumping insulin has changed our lives.

Our new national web site is finally up and running at

We are excited and Patricia is really excited.This should be fun.
I am too Blessed to be stressed.

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