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[IPp] Re: Pumping at School - need to assess how he feels!

Hmmm.  Sounds to me like the college student just wants something to do.  
Maybe its something that she can add to her job description on her CV or 
something.  That being said, maybe she wants to try to talk to your son about 
things and see what he has to say for himself.  What does he think of the 
idea?  Perhaps if you talked to the student a bit more you could find out 
exactly what she has in mind, and be able to better assess if it might do 
your son any good.  

I know that my Claire (age 8, diabetes 6 years) doesn't like any sort of fuss 
made about her, and doesn't like to draw any attention to her diabetes.  For 
example, this week as a school project she had to paste together pictures of 
herself at significant times in her life.  The teacher gave as examples, 
learning to ride a bike, playing my first hockey game (LOL this is Canada) 
etc.  I suggested choosing a photo of when she was dx with diabetes.  After 
all, this was a pretty significant thing.  She just looked at me in disgust, 
and said that she would have to talk about her poster, and she certainly 
wasn't going to talk about THAT.  

She tests her blood at her desk openly, but is now tired of telling other 
kids what it is for.  Even now there seem to be some kids who are noticing 
for the first time, as the teacher shuffles the seating arrangements around.  
Claire is also very popular and active and has never been teased about DM.  
But her older brother, age 12 at the time, was teased about having a sister 
with DM.  That child wasn't allowed to return to our home and promptly became 
an ex-friend.

>From the sounds of it, your son sounds pretty well adjusted to me!

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8
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