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[IPp] Thank God For Animas!

 Had a problem with the pump tonight... I went to bolus Cole after dinner & the
screen was smashed & "bleeding" in one corner (It appears Cole bumped it at
school). It appeared to be working I just couldn't read anything on the screen.
Anyhoo, I called the 877 number & they had a tech call me. In the meantime I
called my territory manager (Eric) & he brought be a loaner pump within THIRTY

 The tech called about 10 minutes after I called the 877 number & a new pump
will be here overnight!! I couldn't ask for better service!!

 Thank god I didn't choose Cozmo... they don't even have a rep in Phoenix. Cole
would've had to go back on shots for a few days. ::( He almost cried when I told
him I might have to give him a shot!!!

Thank goodness for Animas!

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