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Re: [IPp] testing basals in 18 mo

> All,
> My daughter is on a pump finally (1 week).  Mostly she's been high. 
> Currently basals set to 0.2u from 7am to midnight, 0.15 from
> midnight to 7am.  I'm a little concerned that this level may be too
> high.  She weighs 26-27 lbs.  What I need is a general feeling for
> what other kids' basals are so that I have an idea about where we
> should be.  Also, how do you test the basals in a kid who never
> really stops eating??
> Current ratios:  1u for 36 g carbs; 1u for a 440 drop in BG; 1g carb
> raises her about 15 points (maybe??).
> Any and all help appreciated.
All kids are different. They also grow mostly when they sleep, which 
requires more insulin than you might expect. Doing a basal profile 
will give you the answer.

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