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Re: [IPp] Pumping at School - need to assess how he feels!

Hello Michelle

I think Jesse is coping extremely well by the sounds of things and maybe 
would like a day off from it now and then that's all.  He may also feel 
special because he has the extra attention but, again, that can be a bit much 
at times too.  I know my daughter gets fed up of people asking her about it, 
but I used to get fed up of people asking me too when I was at school, but 
that was a different ball game altogether.  I was picked on for standing at 
the front of the lunch queue because I was allowed to get mine first.  
Although I was priviledged, I didn't feel that I was; in fact I felt terrible 
for having to be at the front.  It made me different to the others.

Jesse will not be feeling as bad as I did but he might feel some of it.  Have 
you thought about your pump nurse (if you have one) giving a talk to the 
school about the pump and what it is doing for him?  Danielle's class were 
all told the story by our pump nurse and they were allowed to join in and ask 
questions.  Their parents are embarrassed now because their children know 
more about diabetes than they do.  I think the more they know, the less 
likely they are to ask him these questions and he can just get on with it.

Good luck.

Mum to Danielle aged 8 on a pump
D myself
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