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Re: [IPp] Help! Potty training a 2 year old

Okay, I'm not with-holding any longer.  I have seen several other people
mention this, so I don't feel quite so weird about it. :-)  With every last
one of my kids, D or not, they all potty-trained the same way.  It works
best if you do this in warmer weather, but I understand that sometimes
that's not possible.  Anyhow...  What we did was find a block of days, 2-3
days, where we could be home most all the day.  Put a t-shirt on the kid,
and let them run around naked all day.  We kept a little jar of M&Ms in the
bathroom, and reminded the child every hour or so to go to the bathroom.
When they did, they got two M&Ms (a small price to pay for a potty trained
child!).  None of my children had more then 2 accidents (thank goodness for
hardwood floors!) and they had minimal accidents from then on. Best of luck!
Lisa, Type 1 pumping w/Paradigm

mom of two type 1 daughters
 8 y/o pumping w/Cozmo

----- Original Message -----
> My son Justin Dx'd at 19 months, will be 3 in June. I have decides it was
> time to potty train him, he is ready. For the most part he is doing good,
> when his sugars are high he starts having accidents, and pees all over the
> place. when #'s are fine he uses the bathroom just fine. We are still
> diapers when we are out, and at bed time. I don't want to go back to
> when we are home, pull-up don't work, he pees in them, and won't even try
> going to potty when he has them on, and Pull-up are more expensive then
> diapers. any suggestion on how to potty train a toddler with diabetes.
> Gina mom of Justin 2 year old, Pumping
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