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[IPp] parents of toddlers who use the 508 or paradigm

Hi Lisa

       My son Justin uses the Mini Med Pardigm. He has been pumping 6 months 
now. We have been having a Basel problem, due to the 0.1 being to high during 
the day. At night I have found that 0.1 is not enough, blood sugars go up, 
while 0.2 is too High, blood sugars come crashing down. We have tried 
alternating 0.0 and 0.1 thru day, and still have frequent lows, and 0.1 and 
0.2 threw the night with no success, blood sugars still drop. I had to chose 
the Paradigm because my insurance only covered  
Mini Med pumps. My Endo did not want to dilute because of posable error 
during mixing. Since we tried the Mimi Med, and we are having problems, My 
Endo sent a letter of medical necessity to insurance asking for a pump with 
.05 basal. We have Just been approved for the Cozmo and it should be coming 
soon. I have herd that toddlers do much better with a .05 Basel. As far as 
problems with the Paradigm, I am on my 3rd pump but this last replacement 
seems to be working well. 

Gina, Mom of Justin 33 months old, Dx'd 19 months, Pumping 6 months  
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