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[IPp] Swimming and pumping

Hi, Karen!
My eight-year-old daughter has been on a swim team since age 5 and loves 
it!  She swam on MDI pre-pump, but has been using the Disetronic H-Tron for 
the past 3 years, and the pump makes swimming (and everything else) much 
easier.  She practices 4-5 days a week year-round and still wants to spend 
all day in the pool during the summer.  Sometimes she disconnects, 
especially if she's low before her afterschool snack, but most times we 
just clip it on the back of her suit and let her swim with her "jet 
pack."  (We know they no longer consider the H-Tron to be waterproof, but 
we have never had a water-related problem--however, we are looking forward 
to switching to the very watertight Animas this month!) When she 
disconnects for practice--or for part of a swim meet--we sometimes bolus 
the amount she'd miss in her basal because even if she has great numbers 
post-swim, she generally goes high a few hours later as a result of that 
hour off the pump.

I can testify that her blood sugars, appetite, sleep habits, and general 
disposition are vastly improved by this regular, rigorous exercise.  We can 
really tell the difference when we take time off from swimming during 
travel or holidays.

Anyway, we would be glad to correspond with your friend and her 
daughter!  Annie turns 9 on May 1--maybe the girls could email each 
other.  Please pass along our address.

Charlotte Holt
(mom to Annie Platt, age 8, dx'd at 3, pumping since age 5 and currently 
5th place in South Carolina in the 8& Under age group for the 100 yard IM)
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