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Re: [IPp] Re: Help! Potty training a 2 year old

In a message dated 4/4/2003 11:21:36 PM Pacific Standard Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

>     Maybe he is just sleeping extra soundly the past week, perhaps due to 
> extra playing or a growth spurt tiring him out a bit more??  Did he wake 
> during the night to go to the bathroom previously?  

We have formulated a *tentative* theory, but don't have any thing to compare 
it to to see how valid it is.  Our son is uncircumsised.  The forskin 
retracts around 5 years of age, and my son will be five soon.  We think that 
maybe because of this change in him, he still feels the fullness in his 
bladder, but maybe there is a difference in sensation elsewhere.  Its a 
theory, but its the only one that makes any sense right now....

> My advice is that parents shouldn't stress about it too much.  After 
> all, we have enough other things to worry about. 

This is our philosophy too.  It was our approach to potty-learning 
pre-diabetes, and has been our approach since then.  We tell him accidents do 
happen, particularly when his BGs are high, and that it's not his fault and 
we will never blame or criticize him.  Even in a dead sleep, if we have to 
get up to help change him we never use any "blaming" language and project a 
"taking it in stride" approach so that he will do the same.

Thanks for the input, Barbara!


Marie  :)
Mom to Nikko (7/98)
Dx'd 3/01
Pumping MM508 since 7/02

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