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Re: [IPp] pumping and swim team

> I'm looking for someone who is willing to share their experiences
> with pumping while on swim team.  I have a friend whose daughter is
> 8, type 1 for a year and a half, and on swim team.  They are
> apprehensive to pump because they are afraid of how that would work
> with being on a swim team.
>  I have tried to convince them that pumping would be easier than MDI
>  for
> swimming, but they are reluctant to believe me because Lauren isn't
> on swim team.
Lily was on swim team for about 3 years after she was dx'd
She took off her pump and ate about 10 grams or so an hour of carb 
while in workout to keep her bg's even. Keeping in the range of 80 - 
150 while doing heavy exertion allowed her to get better performance 
out of her body -- her comments, not my observation. She felt that 
when she got higher she pooped out sooner. Obviously, frequent bg 
testing is necessary to maintain that kind of tight control in a 
competitive environment. All of this carried over into soccer as 

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