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[IPp] Re: Ketones

Hi Bonnie,
       I'm surprised that your endo would tell you this.  The Precision Xtra 
is measuring blood ketones which are in the body at the current time of the 
test.  The ketones which are measured by the urine strips were formed many 
hours earlier.  In the scenario you describe, her blood ketones had declined 
to an appropriate level, but were still being excreted in the urine, as they 
can take many hours to clear out of the urine. At that point you were right 
on course.
       Our experience last summer was that the blood ketones were zero by 9 
pm on Saturday evening, but were still showing up in the urine at noon the 
next day. And this was with plenty of fluids flushing through the body, as 
Claire was still on the IV and she was completely water-logged, having to pee 
a lot every few hours. 
         Medisense has a really good pamphlet that explains why this happens, 
especially in cases of DKA.  You can phone them and ask to have it sent to 
you.  Just ask for extra information about blood ketones and the Xtra meter.  

       The urine strips also measure a different type of ketone than the 
Precision Xtra does.  

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8

> Our experience was that the meter registered
> trace ketones and urine strips registered moderate to large. I called her 
> endo
> and he said that no one really knows which is more accurate. 
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