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[IPp] Re: Help! Potty training a 2 year old

Hi Marie,
       Maybe he is just sleeping extra soundly the past week, perhaps due to 
extra playing or a growth spurt tiring him out a bit more??  Did he wake 
during the night to go to the bathroom previously?  
       Claire, who will soon be 9, had a nightime accident a few days ago.  
And this is from a girl who was completely dry at night at 2 years of age, 
before DM hit just before her 3rd birthday.  These accidents don't bother 
her, because I have always stressed to her that its due to the diabetes and 
not any character weakness.  Her 2 brothers know that teasing about this is 
completely off-limits.   We used pull-ups and diapers at night for a long 
time.  My advice is that parents shouldn't stress about it too much.  After 
all, we have enough other things to worry about. 

Barbara, Mum of Claire 8

> My son is four and has been dry during the day for about a year or so.  We 
> had him in pull-ups at night until a few months ago.  He was fine with no 
> accidents (not even with high BGs, or lows when we had to give extra 
> juice).  
> But this last week he has had accidents every night.  He hasn't been high, 
> just right on target.  
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