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RE: [IPp] ketones

We never saw any ketones on shots therapy, but now with pump therapy,
I've had to start getting used to checking for ketones more often.
We've caught them a couple of times.

I'm finding that the ketones are actually a helpful sign that something
is wrong with your pump or the site.  Because we're still learning how
to use the pump with our son (and because he's little and changes a lot)
we do get high blood sugars fairly often.  I now know to pull out the
ketone meter when we do get a high blood sugar reading (or, say, when I
get the second high sugar reading in a row) to test for ketones, because
if there are any I know to pull out the whole site and start over again.
Otherwise, I may just try to examine if I screwed up with insulin/carb
ratio or something like that.

Anyway, I was absolutely SHOCKED the first time I thought to use the
ketone meter after starting on the pump and I actually got a number
other than 0.0  I had gotten so used to him never showing any ketones
EVER that it was a bit of a shock.

So, that's my experience.


Mom of Oliver, b. 6/99, d. 10/01, pumping 01/03

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I was just wondering if anyone else's diabetic child has never had
Jake has been diabetic 9 years and has never tested positive for
ketones; not 
even a trace. We have had plenty of high's and sick days, but never
It makes me wonder what is different about his diabetes and other
Any feedback would be appreciated. Trena (mom to Jake 12)
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