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Re: [IPp] ketones

 Rachel had ketones for the first time on Monday, since her diagnosis a little
over a year ago. The culprit was pump failure. It happened in about 5 hours of
no insulin (no basal or boluses working). I don't really understand the
different between having blood sugars over 300 for 4 hours with no insulin and
getting ketones and blood sugars over 300 for 4 hours WITH insulin and NOT
getting ketones. We have experienced both. I feel that I was getting the feeling
that it would never happen, but it did. Anyhow, we injected by syringe, made her
drink about 32 oz of water and they cleared in 90 minutes. She went pee a lot. I
was surprised that they cleared that fast.
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I was just wondering if anyone else's diabetic child has never had ketones? 
Jake has been diabetic 9 years and has never tested positive for ketones; not 
even a trace. We have had plenty of high's and sick days, but never ketones. 
It makes me wonder what is different about his diabetes and other childrens. 
Any feedback would be appreciated. Trena (mom to Jake 12)
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