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RE:[IPp] Help! Potty training a 2 year old


Hi -- I don't write much but lurk often and was compelled to write to you 
about this.  My Shannon was dx'd at 13 months and I worried and worried about 
this issue until the day it happened.  I do have to say it took her longer to 
potty train than my other daughter who does not have diabetes.  Shannon was 2 
1/2 almost 3 before she could do it.  We had the same issues with the highs.  
I pretty much had to just gently remind her every 2 hours or so that if she 
felt like the potty needed to come out she might want to try and sit for a 
minute or two.  I never used the pull-up things.  Since she couldn't feel 
them become wet they never seemed worth the expense to me.  Gerber makes a 
cotton training pant with a plastic exterior, kind of like the all in one 
version of what all of us learned with.  She did not like to feel wet so she 
often caught herself midway and would finish on the potty.  Ultimately it was 
letting her run naked in the house that did it.  She went twice in one day in 
her shoes and that was pretty much the last accidents.  Hope some of this 

Wife to David and Mom to Shannon, 5 1/2 yrs, dx'd 2/99 and pumping 3/01
& Kaitlyn, 2 1/2yrs 
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