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[IPp] glucagon issue

Hi there!

I just read about Denise's battle to get the glucagon kit put in the school.
It's great that they have finally allowed it! It has also been a battle with
our school here in Dorchester, NB, Canada. I actually opted to take my
daughter out of school (I homeschooled her this past year), and guess what?
The school board didn't waste any time getting the permission to allow the
glucagon kit in the school. So, I will be sending Hannah next year, which is
great! I enjoyed homeschooling, but it is time-consuming!

I have a teacher's degree myself and I understand that sometimes giving
needles and carbohydrate counting can be very demanding (especially because
there are maybe 24 other children that need care too, and maybe others with
special needs - and here in Canada there is a shortage of extra hands, if you
know what I mean), so I don't really expect teachers to count carbohydrates
for me and then find out how much insulin to give. But the glucagon kit is
very important, and it is something that is relatively simple for the school
to use.

I don't know what I would want though if I was a single mother trying to work
a full time job - that is a tough one. Hopefully the teacher will have enough
help to be able to keep track of the carbs and figure out the insulin. I'm
glad you won the battle Denise, and wish you well! Keep up the good work!

Mom to Hannah age 7
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