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Re: [IPp] Help! Potty training a 2 year old

Hi Gina

When Patricia was that age, we went  through the same thing. I tried a few
things and what I found was to make going to the bathroom a game. We did
target shots, charts with stickers for each safe arrival of the " water
load". lol

She was really good once we found the right stickers and fun things to do.
At 18 months, you need to look for fun and also know it is not the end of
the world should he have an accident. Make sure he is not made to feel bad
but when he is successful, give lots of praise and help him feel pleased

I have a son 6 who is developmentally behind and he still has accidents and
problems both in school and in bed. We are trying to not make a big deal out
of it and encouraging him with lots of hugs and praise when he tries extra

Jana in Nova Scotia
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