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Re: [IPp] Help! Potty training a 2 year old


My son was two when he was diagnosed and still in diapers. He was potty 
trained at three yrs old and I never had a problem with him even when his 
sugars were high. I think that if your son is having accidents when his 
sugars are high than he isn't fully ready to be potty trained. My son would 
literally run to the potty when had to go and never wet the bed, not even in 
the middle of the night. And we went from diapers to big boy underwear, never 
pull ups.  I didn't really stress or set a time limit for him to be trained. 
Just one day he used the potty every time he had to go and then that was it 
from then on he always made it to the potty.  I did limit his fluids at night 
time though. But also, when he was that young we never really had a problem 
with high blood sugars, he had more lows than highs..and even now he is six 
and we still have more lows than highs. 
I guess my advice is not to stress about it and just make sure the potty is 
handy...maybe have a portable potty in the living room with him so it is 
easier for him to get to it.
Good luck...it takes time but he'll get there. 
Sarah :)
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