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[IPp] 504 plan fight/glucagon issue won


Congratulations on your victory!  This is a fight worth battling,
although it is frustrating and stressful, to say the least!  Your battle
will not only help your daughter but also diabetics that attend this
school in the future!  I am worried about Amelia going to a new school
and once again battling the glucagon issue as we have a principal that
has already voiced concern over the liability issue of glucagon.  To my
advantage is the fact that there are 6 diabetic children going to the 5th
grade center, and 5 of them are pumpers!  Safety in numbers, I hope.  I
hope your life gets easier now!

Cheri McCurdy, Mom to Amelia, 9 1/2, D 1-00, P 12-00

Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2003 12:02:29 -0800

From: "Denise Owens" Subject: [IPp] FW: 504 plan fight/glucagon issue won
> Hi, > > I just wanted to let you all know that after my continual
fighting with Walter Hays Elementary school in Palo Alto, 2 diabetes
advocates/children with disabilities advocate, Haley's RN and an attorney
that has type 1 herself kick some real butt today and help me. Finally,
the school is forced to allow glucagon and help Haley carbohydrate count
her meals. Also, since I am in week 3 of having to pay $15.00 per hour
for my babysitter to attend school with Haley (or she has been disallowed
from being at school), the school has agreed to reimburse me for this
week only. > > I can't even begin to explain the trauma and depression
this institution has put me through and made my life so much harder as a
single Mommy, full time working parent and sole caregiver to a child with
diabetes. > > Finally, they are being forced to give her the care she has
been entitled to receive all along. > > I really needed to share this
with all of you. > > Sincerely, > > Denise Owens > Mom to twins, Haley &
Savannah, age 7, Haley dxd 12/2000


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