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RE: [IPp] School

Shannon, the only thing is if for any reason you can't get there to the
school to his aid, someone, should be trained to help your son out. (it'll
be good for your son to accept treatment from someone other than Mom too)
And I know it may not be an issue this year, or even next year,, but it
might be worth considering to work towards the ability to care for him fully
at school without your help. It's sort of like looking ahead to the big
picture, for you and any other parent of a D child that may come into your

The first year of diagnoses I had the school all set to take care of her
without me and I still showed up for lunch time shot. :) There were a few
times when I couldn't or didn't show up, and she was covered. They got to
know me well!

And, pumping may bring more issues than injections, depending on the
temperature of the school personnel and the administration,, since it's
doubtful these polices are even considered because pumping is so new.

Anyway, good for you for having a 504 in place,, they are the best safety
net we can give our kids :)

Connie Miller
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> Any school that is federally funded MUST provide either an aide, a nurse,
> an adult that is trained to give injections or test blood sugars. NO
> federally funded school can discriminate against a child with Diabetes.
> Your
> child HAS to be able to be involved in any school program, athletics,
> trips, or parties.  I really advise you to call a meeting w/your school to
> set up either a 504 plan or an IEP.  It is for your protection and well
> worth
> it.

We DO have a 504 plan.  Right now we have a rough draft that has tons of
things in it (I can list them if you want).  In August we are going to
the 504 plan and start training staff.  Jacob will also have a healthcare
plan that outlines exactly what to do and when to do it that has to be
followed because Jacob's 504 plan says it has to be.  Jacob will be in
whatever after school activity that he wants to be.  He will do all the same
things that other kids do at school.  It's just that he may need an extra
shot to do it.  Next year due to major budget cut there will only be an aide
at school except for 1/2 the day 1 day a week.  Aides are NOT qualified to
give injections.  For legal reasons we cannot train her to give injections
either.  The only way that we can get an IEP is to prove that in some way
Jacob's school work is greatly affected by not having a person there to give
him a shot every day.  Right now we can't prove that because he isn't in
school and by the time that we can prove that he needs a nurse it will
probably be too late.  If Jacob goes on the pump all of this won't matter.
The aide will be able to call me with what he blood sugar is or what he is
going to eat and I can tell her what to bolus or what to do.  I can go to
school to do a sight change.  I would NEVER want anyone at the school trying
to do one.  I just don't think that this is that big of an issue.  I don't
want to make someone be at the school that doesn't want to be there to give
my son a shot. KWIM?

Wife to Jeremy, Mom to
Jacob (b. 4-22-97, dx'd 3-2-99) and
Hunter (b. 7-22-00)
Stillwater, MN
email @ redacted
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