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[IPp] re: clogged/obvious crystallization

<<From: "Wright, Kelley" <email @ redacted>
The crystallization can most definitely be seen in the cannula, if it is
occurring.  It appears to be clogged and looks like opaque inconsistent
lines. >>

We saw similar things in the cannula when Luke was on Humalog.  Never
see it w/ Novolog (since switching in Oct. 2001) & the b.g. #'s 
are consistent across 3-4 days.  Kelley describes very much what 
our experience was on Humalog & on Humalog mixed with Regular.  
Novolog works for Luke but it may not be for everyone.  Especially 
those of you who are perfectly happy w/ Humalog - I wouldn't change.

And someone asked about why/when to try different sets:  when the
ones you're using aren't giving good results in all the locations
you want to use.  We started on SofSets & switched to QuickSets because
the SofSets fell off no matter what, and Luke couldn't do the disconnect
himself on the SofSets.   We like QuickSets but the straight-in 
cannula seems to be a big problem on his lean, lean, lean tummy
so we're using Sils there now to give his rear end a rest.  

But he still has a HUGE fear when he sees that Sil. needle, even
with the inserter.  He's had minimal pain on 2 sets, and not so
minimal on another, so we still have a tense time w/ set changes.
I'm looking forward to his behind healing back up & getting back
to the smaller profile QuickSet w/ the needle hidden inside the

Any advice on calming a 7 yr. old on fear of pain would be appreciated.
Feel free to email me directly if you need any more info on 
Novolog switch.
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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