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Re: [IPp] School was :Thanks for the welcome & more

In a message dated 4/30/2002 4:32:35 PM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Why not? I am not a medical person and I was trained to do it.......legally 
> the school must provide someone without you having to prove anything is our 
> point.....it is Federal law for schools receiving Federal funding......they 
> don't have a choice.....if he needs it to participate then they must 
> provide 
> it......sometimes schools need to be educated onthe law because they have 
> just been told from higher up........you are doing a great thing getting it 
> in 504 protection just don't let them dissuade you from all he needs to 
> participate fully.....we support you....
> Beverly
I took this from the American Diabetes Association's own web sight -

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA)
Under IDEA, the federal government provides financial assistance to state and 
local education agencies in order for these agencies to provide a "free, 
appropriate public education" to qualifying children with disabilities.  In 
order to be covered by IDEA, a child with diabetes must shot that the disease 
adversely affects his or her educational performance.  Once shown, parents 
and school officials develop an Individualized Education Program (IEP).  

I do whatever I can for my child but I don't feel that this issue needs to be 
pushed.  I know that I am not a nurse but I had to learn how to give my son 
shots.  But I wouldn't go to a hospital and give someone else a shot.  If I 
mess up my son's shot, I mess it up and I need to do whatever to fix it.  If 
he needs to eat more, he will eat more, if I need to give him another shot I 
give him another shot.  No one else is at fault besides me.  If the school 
has an unqualified person giving a shot and she messes up the school would be 
opening its self to a lawsuit.  There are all sorts of legal issues there.  I 
would feel much better deciding on what to give my child for a shot.  I have 
been doing this every day for 3+ years with the same child.  Jacob will be 
the first child with diabetes in that school in at least 16 years, probably 
more.  Again if we get a pump this won't be an issue at all.  Jacob wouldn't 
need shots at school period.  Unless something were to go haywire with the 
pump but then I think I would be safer keeping him home.  

I really understand that you are trying to help me out.  I appreciate it.  
It's just that we live so close to school and I want the best care I can get 
for my son.  If that means that I have to go to school then I have to go to 
school.  That is ok with me.  I would rather Jacob be put on the pump (new 
doctor on May 7th, we will see what he says) and I not have to deal with 
shots at all.  JMHO.  

Wife to Jeremy, Mom to 
Jacob (b. 4-22-97, dx'd 3-2-99) and
Hunter (b. 7-22-00)
Stillwater, MN
email @ redacted
I've learned that if someone says something unkind about me, I must live that 
so no one will believe it.
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