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Re: [IPp] School was :Thanks for the welcome & more


Amen!  I agree with that....I had problems at the beginning of the school 
year with my son and the school nurse. She felt he should test himself...at 
age 4 at the time....yeah right!  So I started going in to test him 
myself...but after discussing the problem with a social worker from the 
Children's Hosp...she said no way..get a 504 plan, which I did.  Turned into 
an IEP because my son also gets speech therapy at school....he has problems 
with saying some words.  But I just found out that his medical plan was never 
put into our IEP...so I am basically freaking out. I contacted a lawyer and 
got some advice as to how to handle the situation.  They also told me that my 
son could not go on field trips unless either me or the nurse could go 
because no one else can carry his testing equipment and medical supplies. So 
I also argued over that one, and it basically came down to either the school 
getting a sub for the nurse so she could go or the school would have to find 
someone who is trained and qualified to go in her place.  Because of them 
being federally funded, they need to provide whatever my son needs because of 
his health condition. Do they like it, NO WAY....I am sure they all hate me. 
But too bad, my son comes first. My kids are all I have.
Sounds to me like you are really knowledgeable and that is great. I wish I 
were from the start.  But learn as you go, I guess.
I agree that if they don't want to help you with the care and treatment of 
our kids, then it is not worth it to make them. I would not want anyone 
caring for my son that truly did not want to. But come on, that would make 
them really heartless, dont ya think.  Maybe it is mother instict, to love 
our kids, do whatever we can for them...I would always do what is best for a 
child, mine or anyone elses.
I hope your upcoming school year is a success, we have enough on our plates 
on a daily basis to have to deal with more problems. 
Good Luck :)
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