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Re: [IPp] Thanks for the welcome & more

In a message dated 4/30/2002 10:31:54 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> > I have to some how prove to the district and the state of MN that if he 
> > doesn't have a nurse there to give him shots it seriously affects his 
> > ability 
> > to learn.  This usually isn't proved until the child is very far behind 
> in 
> > school.   It all falls under an IEP.  I just don't want to fight the 
> school 
> > 
> > too much because I they have been so wonderful.  I would much rather have 
> > Jacob on the pump and not have to get the extra shots at all.  IMHO
> > 
> no, you don't have to prove that...diabetes is covered by the Americans 
> with 
> Disabilities Act and you do not have to prove anything...his care is 
> covered 
> by Federal law.....just a caution from personel experience do not back off 
> of 
> needed care because they are being *nice*...it has backfired on me....of 
> course, be pleasent but firm....please got to diabetes.org and look at what 
> they have on the site
> Beverly

We do have a wonderful 504 plan going.  It's just that to get a nurse there 
full time would require an IEP.  To get an IEP you have to prove that your 
child needs the nurse because his school work is majorly affected by not 
having one there for him.  I only live 4 blocks from the school so if 
something goes wrong with a pump sight I could go change it.  I just don't 
want to have to go to school for every birthday party, holiday party, or 
whatever else they have extra treats with.  I don't drive, I live in MN, and 
I have a son that is 21 months old those are the only reasons that I don't 
want to go to give him injections.  If it was going to be warm out and I 
didn't have Hunter I would have no problem going to school all day if need 
be.  I am not going to back down when it comes to the glucagon.  In 3 years 
of diabetes we have never had to use it but who knows.  The school went as 
far as to call the local hospital (which about a mile from the school) and 
asked them if they have people trained in using glucagon and how long it 
would take them to get to the school (3 minutes).  But I still don't think 
that is quick enough.  I plan on really pushing this issue but I don't want 
someone giving my child a shot that isn't qualified and doesn't want to do 
it.  I have met and talked with the aid that works at the school many times.  
She is wonderful and very nice.  If they are forced to hire a nurse full time 
who knows what she is going to be like.  She might not be nearly as nice as 
the aid.  It's just I don't want to try to fix something that isn't broke 
(yet).  I can always change my mind later and push to get a nurse there.

Wife to Jeremy, Mom to 
Jacob (b. 4-22-97, dx'd 3-2-99) and
Hunter (b. 7-22-00)
Stillwater, MN
email @ redacted
I've learned that if someone says something unkind about me, I must live that 
so no one will believe it.
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