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Re: [IPp] Thanks for the welcome & more

We have started a 504 at our school.  We are meeting again in August for me 
to train the staff and finalize the 504 plan.  I know that it is district 
policy that no one besides the school nurse can give shots but I don't know 
if it is a state law.  I don't really know if I would want to trust someone 
that isn't qualified to make those desicions.  It's ok with me that they 
don't want to give injections (we are still working on the glucagon though).  
I think that I will win the glucagon fight but I don't want to push the 
insulin injections.  I don't feel comfortable with it.  The school has been 
really wonderful as far as working things out with me.  They are willing to 
do a lot of things that I thought they would put up a fight about.  They are 
going to do tests in the office until Jacob is old enough to do them himself. 
 If it is a regular test time a friend will get to walk with Jacob to do the 
test and if Jacob is feeling low one of the 2 kindergarten teachers will walk 
with him.  Both of the teachers are going to learn carb counting that so 
Jacob can have close to the same snack as everyone else (if we get the pump 
Jacob will get the exact same snack as everyone else).  Jacob has to go to 
the office to test until he can do it himself because the aid that will be 
there has to be the one to test him and she is only supposed to leave her 
office if there is an emergency or if it is a scheduled break where there is 
someone else covering for her.  


In a message dated 4/30/2002 9:40:38 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> Hi Shanna, welcome! Is this a state law that only a nurse can give 
> injections? Have you studied up on the 504 law yet? Go to the American 
> Diabetes Assoc site to learn more. In some states insulin is an exception.  
> Good luck .....and e me anytime....
> Beverly
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