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RE: [IPp] Thanks for the welcome & more

Hi Shanna,
I think you are making the best decision in switching endos.  It sounds like
your old endo was going to be stubborn on the issue of pumps, which is crazy
since they have proven so effective in treatment and leveling out those

I noticed you are also having school issues.  My daughter starts this fall,
but it has been a battle since we pre-registered early last month.  We live
in the country, but yet we are 10 minutes away from a small school that
would be perfect for Ashley's needs.  They have an elementary nurse, full
time, plus a full time councilor (sp?) that is type 1 diabetic and is on an
insulin pump.  We were already fine tuning her 504 plan and was in the
process of setting up meetings, etc, when we found out that we live on the
wrong side of the road (literally less than 100 yards).  There is now this
huge issue of her actually being in a different school district, a larger,
more crowded, under-staffed school with a bad reputation.  They only have
one nurse to work 5 campuses.  Plus it is 30 minutes away which would make
it more difficult to get to her in case of an emergency.  You wouldn't
believe the hoops we've been going through trying to get approval to go to
the smaller school!  It has become an issue of what color she is instead of
what is best for her health (because she is white and the resident school is
over the "ratio allowance,"  i.e. they need more white children).  AND it's
perfectly legal because that is the way the state department of education
wrote the laws pertaining to transfers!  It is very frustrating that neither
school seems concerned about the health issues.  Anyway, just wanted to let
you know that you're not alone in your school concerns.

Angela, wife to Gordon, mom to Ashley, 4 (dxd 1/01), & Kristina, 17 mo.

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The school will only have a nurse there
for 1/2 a day 1 day a week and only a nurse can give injections.  Which
make it a lot harder for me because I would have to go to school for every
party, birthday, etc., that so Jacob can participate.  The school is willing
to help with whatever they can which is wonderful.  Also the 4th grade
teacher is on the pump.  I believe he has a distronic pump.  Also he has a
daughter in a different school district that has diabetes and is on MDI.
more thing that still isn't decided is that kindergarten may go to all day
kindergarten.  That is beyond scary for me.  I am glad that we only live 4
blocks from school.  Anyway, thanks for reading if you have gotten this far.

Wife to Jeremy, Mom to
Jacob (b. 4-22-97, dx'd 3-2-99) and
Hunter (b. 7-22-00)
Stillwater, MN
email @ redacted
I've learned that if someone says something unkind about me, I must live
so no one will believe it.
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