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[IPp] Thanks for the welcome & more

Thanks for the warm welcome everyone.  I thought that I would tell you a 
little bit more about us.  For you fellow CWD list members you might already 
know this stuff.  We have been with diabetes for a little over 3 years now.  
I really liked our old endo until I started learning more about diabetes.  I 
have talked to several reps from different companies and they all say that 
the endo that we were using was great.  I don't agree with them.  I have 
found out that a lot of the problems that we have had are very easily fixable 
but she never fixed them.  When Jacob was first dx'd he was on 7 units of NPH 
(at age 22 1/2 months).  I had such a hard time getting him to eat.  If we 
ate even 5 minutes late Jacob would start to crash.  I started taking over 
insulin doses by myself.  Now at 5 years old Jacob is on 7 units of NPH, some 
days he is only on 6.  Now lately our numbers have been extremely crazy.  I 
asked our endo about the pump.  I had done a ton of research but before I 
could say anything she told me that they were for older kids.  That she would 
talk to me about a pump when he is about 12.  That was the end of it.  I 
started looking for another endo.  I think that I have found one but he only 
has children on the Minimed pumps right now.  I hope to be able to change 
that because I really love the features of the Animas R-1000.  We have our 
first appointment with him on May 7th.  As far as school goes.  Jacob will be 
going to kindergarten in the fall.  The school will only have a nurse there 
for 1/2 a day 1 day a week and only a nurse can give injections.  Which would 
make it a lot harder for me because I would have to go to school for every 
party, birthday, etc., that so Jacob can participate.  The school is willing 
to help with whatever they can which is wonderful.  Also the 4th grade 
teacher is on the pump.  I believe he has a distronic pump.  Also he has a 
daughter in a different school district that has diabetes and is on MDI.  One 
more thing that still isn't decided is that kindergarten may go to all day 
kindergarten.  That is beyond scary for me.  I am glad that we only live 4 
blocks from school.  Anyway, thanks for reading if you have gotten this far.  

Wife to Jeremy, Mom to 
Jacob (b. 4-22-97, dx'd 3-2-99) and
Hunter (b. 7-22-00)
Stillwater, MN
email @ redacted
I've learned that if someone says something unkind about me, I must live that 
so no one will believe it.
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