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Re: [IPp] clogged sets?

> Thanks for all the info! I called the endo's office a little while
> ago, and they called in a script for Novalog. We will be starting on
> it tomorrow. Hoping to see an improvement with it. Will keep you all
> posted.
> Lisa Harris, Michigan, mom of Andrew 3yrs, (dx'email @ redacted) pumping 8
> months, and mom of Jamie 8, and Mary 4
Please be aware that some of those that switch from Humalog to 
Novolog have seen a sharp decrease in insulin needs. My educate guess 
is that it is more effective only because the body is not busy 
attackin it. Users in the original trials (on this list) have 
reported no difference, however some former "humalog mixers" have 
reported the decreases and subsequent lows before they tweaked their 
basals an bolus ratios. My daughter saw a 30% overall decline in 
insulin needs when she switched. I'm not saying you will see this, 
but if you see unexpected lows, this is a likely explaination.

email @ redacted
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