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Re: [IPp] Saline Start

> Hi everyone...
> Well, I just got word that the hospital can start my son on the
> Saline Start for the pump this Wednesday!  VERY short notice, but I
> am totally psyched!!! I was wondering if any of you out there could
> fill in me in on what to expect on Wednesday. What my week will be
> like on the Saline? 

Some people complain that the Saline stings when giving boluses and 
not with the real stuff.

> I know that he will continue to get his insulin
> injections...but as far as the pump with saline in it, how does that
> work??  Am I pretending that it has insulin in it?  

Yes, it is a familiarization process. You get to mess around and make 
mistakes without consequences :-)

> Am I waking up
> every two hrs to test him while on the Saline?  

depends on how "real" you want the simulation to be and if you are 
really a glutton for punishment ... :-)

> Please share with me
> your experiences of going to the first day on pump with saline...
> Thanks so much. Sarah :) 

My guess is that it would be much more useful if you wore it instead 
of Matthew. There's no reason to stick an infusion set in a 5 year 
old that will not be running the pump anyway for a loooonnnngggg 

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