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[IPp] clogged sets?

Thanks for all the info! I called the endo's office a little while ago,
and they called in a script for Novalog. We will be starting on it
tomorrow. Hoping to see an improvement with it. Will keep you all posted.

Lisa Harris, Michigan, mom of Andrew 3yrs, (dx'email @ redacted) pumping 8 months,
and mom of Jamie 8, and Mary 4


We use to only get 2 days but since we have switched to novalog we go 3
could go longer if we wanted.julie

> Our 7 year-old is only getting about 2 good days out of a set change.>
We try to make it last 3 days when possible. He uses a 508
> I know some of this is attributable to decreased tissue absorption as>
the site ages.  However, it seems some my of the problem may be related>
Humalog crystallization.  I can recall one time where the Humalog>
crystallized so badly that it looked rock-hard in the cannula.> If
will prevent or reduce this problem then I will switch.> I talked to
about this and they told me Humalog was NOT even> approved for use in
pump.>> Steve Barthol

> Wow, this describes almost exactly what has been happening to us
> We use the MM 508 with the sil's sets. My son, Andrew, age 3, has
time basals that alternate 0 and 0.1 e/o hour. they are 0.3 during the>
Most of the time, lately, we've only been getting 2 days from a>
site....often times with numbers creeping up by the end of day two. I>
if this crystallization is the problem. We also struggle with air>
bubbles in
the tubing. Maybe i'll talk to the endo about Novalog. Thanks.>> Lisa
Harris, mom of Andrew, 3yrs, (dx'email @ redacted) pumping 8mos. ~and Jamie 8> and
Mary 4>

After removing> the> infusion sets that contained Novalog, the cannulas
havebeen clear, no> sign of> clogging or crystallization.  We finally
foundsomething that will> consistently> deliver insulin to Christopher's
body!And, we can go four days with> Novalog,> although I thi! nk! I will
keep it tothree due to the nerve damage> claims.Thanks,> Kelley L.
WrightKey Account Manager - Convenience Channel281-759-8770> (office)>
281-759-8773 (fax)281-467-4371 (cell)

So far a half dozen or so of our "mixer" pumpers have switched to
straight Novolog with good success. One person has reported thatNovolog
does not
see to work well for her. Since there are few usersof Novolog at this
time, it
is not known if there is a similar subsetof individuals that may have
sensitivity to the composition ofNovolog/email @ redacted


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