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[IPp] good news

Please keep bragging. It does all of our hearts good to hear when things are
going well for someone. It helps us to remember that this illness has its good
times and those times that defy all the rules of physics in our known

Sara is a swimmer and we have the same worries each year when parctice
schedules change.
The plan that works best, but often is to difficult to be reasonable is to get
up an hour before practice begins. Test immediately (if there are problems you
have plenty of time to correct) and then provide a small meal that A) will not
make her nauseous while swimming B) provides a good combination of carbs,
protein and fat (this will provide her energy to keep her going through the
long hard workout, Sara nutritonist has started her on a bar pre-practie
called "Choice", it is for people with diabetes C) stop one hour into the
practice and check BG, this will give you a good idea how she will respond to
the workout ( when the practices are under 3,000 yards Sara handles it pretty
well without lows if she is fueled ok, 3,000-5,000 yards and we can see either
lows or highs, over 5,000 yards and we battle highs post exercise), at one
hour you can add a carb or insulin if needed D) HYDRATE, have a bottle of
water at the pool side and she should drink at the end of each set, swimming
is very dehydrating which adds to BG problems E) if she does not want to get
up early, just wants to fall out of bed and fall in the pool, you will
probably have to use a juice to get her started and be very careful about the
amount of insulin you give, the peak time for humolog (1 hour) will hit at a
time when the practice is hard and involving hard sprints or very long timed
distance sets....lows can be bigger problem then.
You will probably need to be with her for a few days to help settle all this
in to a pattern. Remeber the time and snack you eat the night before will have
an effect on her ht enext morning. So get in a pattern there too and have her
stick to it.
Good luck and enjoy the summer,
Pam mom to Sara, 15
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