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Re: [IPp] Humalog vs Novalog vs infusion sites

> I know we have visited this subject before, but I was never clear on
> the answer/opinions out there.  Has anyone out there had problems
> with very visible old infusion sites on humalog, switched to
> novalog, and seemed to get less noticeable "track marks?"  My
> daughter gets very red marks from her infusion sites, and although I
> understand that the cannula is slightly larger than a needle, I
> didn't really expect it to mark her in this way and for so long. 
> Our endo said that the old sites were not from an allergic reaction
> or infection, and that they were ok,

the sites shouldn't be "really" red. Usually this is a sign that your 
body does not like something -- the insulin, the set material itself, 
residue from tape, etc....
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