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RE: [IPp] Trust Your PARENTAL GUT!

We had a similar experience with nighttime insulin injections and waking
up high.  On the advice of our endo and the staff, we kept increasing
dinner and bedtime lente, but Lauren was still waking up high.  When I
asked about rebounding, their response always was that she was fine at 1
am, so it couldn't be a rebound.  At the time, I thought they know more
about diabetes than I do, so I will follow their instructions.  However,
in the back of my mind, I thought she might be going low at another time
and we just weren't catching it.

To transition to pumping, we switched to a different CDE.  On our first
visit to her, she looked at our bg records, and noticed that most of the
time Lauren was high, but maybe once a week she would be in range upon
waking.  The new CDE said immediately that based on that pattern she's
probably rebounding.  We cut out dinner lente completely and cut the
bedtime dose to 1/3 of what it had been.  The good news is her numbers
are much better now, and we are looking forward to getting them even
better when she begins pumping.

It's interesting to me that someone else had a similar experience with
injections, and I wonder how often parents are increasing their kids'
nighttime insulin only to be setting them up for nightly rebounds.  It's
difficult to challenge the doctors, but you are absolutely right that
there comes a time when you have to trust your parental gut!


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