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[IPp] clogged sets

Wow, this describes almost exactly what has been happening to us lately!
We use the MM 508 with the sil's sets. My son, Andrew, age 3, has night
time basals that alternate 0 and 0.1 e/o hour. they are 0.3 during the
day. Most of the time, lately, we've only been getting 2 days from a
site....often times with numbers creeping up by the end of day two. I
wonder if this crystallization is the problem. We also struggle with air
bubbles in the tubing. Maybe i'll talk to the endo about Novalog. Thanks.

Lisa Harris, mom of Andrew, 3yrs, (dx'email @ redacted) pumping 8mos. ~and Jamie 8
and Mary 4


Barb,The crystallization can most definitely be seen in the cannula, if
it is
occurring.  It appears to be clogged and looks like opaque
Here was our problem... we had been on the pump for a year and our
from a 6.9 on MDI to an 8.5 on the pump!  They kept telling me thatthis
was not
uncommon, and due to our son Christopher having a lot of lowson the
shots, it
was probably expected.  We tried three different infusionsets, as the
Endo and
the CDE thought they were probably the source of theproblem since our
were so inconsistent.  Still, we would go throughthe first day with good
(most of the time) but then the numberswould be all over the place!  To
a high, I would need to almostdouble the amount of insulin on day two as
I was
using on day one.  That wasmy first clue that something was not right. 
It was a
nightmare trying toget basals and bolus ! ! ratios accurate.  We were not
to be changingsites every day and a half but I had to in order to keep is
levels insome sort of good range.So, I started to read about Novalog, I
researched every article I could findon it.  In one article, I read that
did not cause thecrystallization that Humalog may cause in some cases.  I
also heardthat this clogging or crystallization occurs more frequently if
havebasals set at .1 or .2, that was not our case.  We set basals between
.3 and
.5.  This was a disaster in the works if I did not demand to try Novalog,
believe I had already tried three different infusion sets.After removing
infusion sets that contained Novalog, the cannulas havebeen clear, no
sign of
clogging or crystallization.  We finally foundsomething that will
deliver insulin to Christopher's body!And, we can go four days with
although I thi! nk! I will keep it tothree due to the nerve damage
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