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Re: [IPp] Re: pop-digest V1 #46

People keep talking about different infusion sets.  Why would that make a
difference?  Also, I am afraid to change infusion set type with my daughter as
she just pales at the sight of the sillouette.  That quick-serter is just the
ticket for her and I can't see us (at least not right now) switching from that.
However...if that will make a difference and give us better control, then I
guess it would be worth a try.  Thanks for your help.

-Barb (mom to Jessie)

"Wright, Kelley" wrote:

> Barb,
> The crystallization can most definitely be seen in the cannula, if it is
> occurring.  It appears to be clogged and looks like opaque inconsistent
> lines.
> Here was our problem... we had been on the pump for a year and our A1C's
> went from a 6.9 on MDI to an 8.5 on the pump!  They kept telling me that
> this was not uncommon, and due to our son Christopher having a lot of lows
> on the shots, it was probably expected.  We tried three different infusion
> sets, as the Endo and the CDE thought they were probably the source of the
> problem since our numbers were so inconsistent.  Still, we would go through
> the first day with good numbers (most of the time) but then the numbers
> would be all over the place!  To correct a high, I would need to almost
> double the amount of insulin on day two as I was using on day one.  That was
> my first clue that something was not right.  It was a nightmare trying to
> get basals and bolus ratios accurate.  We were not supposed to be changing
> sites every day and a half but I had to in order to keep is BG levels in
> some sort of good range.
> So, I started to read about Novalog, I researched every article I could find
> on it.  In one article, I read that Novalog did not cause the
> crystallization that Humalog may cause in some cases.  I have also heard
> that this clogging or crystallization occurs more frequently if you have
> basals set at .1 or .2, that was not our case.  We set basals between .3 and
> .5.  This was a disaster in the works if I did not demand to try Novalog, as
> I believe I had already tried three different infusion sets.
> After removing the infusion sets that contained Novalog, the cannulas have
> been clear, no sign of clogging or crystallization.  We finally found
> something that will consistently deliver insulin to Christopher's body!
> And, we can go four days with Novalog, although I think I will keep it to
> three due to the nerve damage claims.
> Thanks,
> Kelley L. Wright
> Key Account Manager - Convenience Channel
> 281-759-8770 (office)
> 281-759-8773 (fax)
> 281-467-4371 (cell)
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