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RE: [IPp] Trust Your PARENTAL GUT!

Dear Pat and Allison,

Ariana is fine. I just put that out to the list after reading some of the
posts about following the doctor's direction and still being frustrated with
the results.

Here is my story,,,,
Before we started pumping, Ariana was waking up HIGH each morning. My OLD
ENDO, insisted I increase her nighttime NPH, I did so, 3 times over a 3 week
period, only to find her coming up still high in the mornings. I thought she
might be rebounding; they disagreed and wanted me to increase even more! I
wanted to check at different hours of the night, they said NO, not necessary
because you check at 2pm when the NPH peaks,,,

OK, so we were only 2 years into diabetes, Doctor knows best.  RIGHT????


I couldn't bring myself to follow DR directions, and increase for the 4th
time, so instead, I trusted my GUT. I checked at different times of the
night, for 3 nights in a row, and found she was going low EACH of the 3
nights! And here I was giving her more insulin!

I figured her low was a result from the dinner H kicking in which I
decreased and took her NPH way down to get us back on track. Anyway, I
really believe that at some point, when an involved parent really learns to
understand diabetes and how their own child's body works, that is when you
can step back and respectfully question the doctors advice. And - if your
gut tells you the opposite - TRUST it, and try it out, with caution of
course... the most difficult thing to come to grips for me was that diabetes
affect each body differently, what works for one TEXT BOOK patent may or may
not work for my kids... it was my job to learn how my daughters body works
and changes with the diabetes.. it's not easy and it always changes!


Connie Miller
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