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Re: [IPp] We are pumping

Hi Suzanne

I am so pleased for you but remember this is all a time of learning so no
beating your self up on anything... Counting carbs can change as we did 1
unit for every 10 then 1 unit for every 15 now may change again..Patricia's
digestive system does not work well. I am just happy you finally got it
going. Remember to keep good records and sleep when you can.

All the best
Jana in Nova Scotia Canada
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Sent: Sunday, April 28, 2002 9:37 PM
Subject: [IPp] We are pumping

> Hi everyone,
> I don't often post to these lists but always enjoy reading all the emails.
> My son Michael started pumping with a Disetronic Htron pump on the 9th
> April. We had to go up to Hamilton (North Island of New Zealand) for our
> week long pump training course as pumps and pump training don't happen
> (its all abit political!!). Michael is the youngest person to go on a pump
> in New Zealand (he was 6 at the time), its not young compared to overseas
> but hopefully we will start a trend here!! It took us about 18 months to
> finally get on the course as there were people in our clinic that were not
> very supportive to start with and didn't want to see it happen but
> thankfully things were eventually worked out between the specialist we saw
> privately and the D clinic. We are really enjoying the insulin pump. We
> still in pretty close contact with our pump team via phone but are feeling
> really positive about it all. We are on a 6 week trial with a loan pump
> we have already decided we will be buying  a pump to carry on with. There
> no funding at all here in NZ for pumps or consumables, hopefully things
> change in the future (or we might win Lotto!!).  We are using the Rapid D
> 6mm needles and find those really good. Are having some problems with a
> from the tape we use to secure the safety loop in the tubing with. I
> some more tape this morning so we will see how that goes. Michael has
> accepted wearing the pump really well, he wears it in a plastic case with
> big clip which clips on to the waist band of what ever pants he is
> I am slowly coming to grips with carb counting but realised yesterday I
> been using the wrong carb factor to work out the carbs of the half a
> he was having with breakfast (was over dosing abit!), gave me abit of a
> fright but I have come to the conclusion that his insulin to food ratio
> breakfast wasn't quite right as even with my miscalculations his levels
> been ok!! Have experienced air bubbles in the tubing also - another fright
> but thankfully it was sorted pretty quickly. I find it is a whole new way
> looking at things and it initially took me awhile to get my head around
> things. Overall we think the pump is amazing and are really pleased with
> way things are going - another huge, ongoing learning curve but well worth
> the effort I reckon. Well thats all from me. Hope everyone is well. Take
> care.
> Suzanne, Canterbury New Zealand, mum of Michael 7, D dxd 08/99, coeliacs
> 04/00,pumping 04/02, Daniel 9, wife of Paul.
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