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[IPp] pump trial questions

<<We got some excellent news on Monday!  We visited our new endo and requested 
a pump trial.  We have our date in May!

We are going to try the QuickSets with the 6mm cannula and 23" tubing.  Are 
there sets that I should consider having in the house, in case we have a 
problem, or just make sure that I get a couple of extra QuickSets before I 
walk out of the endo's office?

When you did your pump trials, was there anything NOT provided by your 
endo's office that you wish you had gotten?  Should I assume that they will 
provide the stuff to make removing the adhesive go okay, or should I have 
baby oil, Goo Gone, tea trea oil, etc. handy on my own?

Just curious to see what I need to gather before we do the trial.

Thanks for your input,
(Mom to Jeremy, 8 today!, dx'd 12/00)>>

Happy birthday to Jeremy & congrats on the pumping news!  You're asking
great questions.  My advice:

-  have your first few months of supplies there when you start pumping.
First this makes you commit to that time, and it takes that amount of
time to learn (at least for us it did), and if you have sufficient supplies,
you don't freak out & try to scrimp when you know a site isn't working.

-  get the "Pumping Insulin" book by John Walsh & Ruth Roberts, and
read it, especially the sections on Unused Boluses and Exercise!  They
are great.  It's a great reference for when you're not quite sure but
aren't panicked enough to call someone.

-  don't throw out your syringes and keep some Regular insulin around,
just in case.  Hopefully you'll never need it, but avoiding DKA is very
important so don't hesitate to do a shot if the site isn't working &
ketones have started.  

-  we love the inserters on the MiniMed sets.  Practice with them on
something (like a doll) to make it less scary.  When the things pop,
they can be pretty scary but I find manual insertions way scarier.

-  my guess is the endo's office won't give you anything for adhesion
remover.  We don't use them.  I use vitamin E oil if there's residue.

-  don't hesitate to call your pump trainer or MiniMed or toss questions
out to here whenever you need to.  

Good luck to you!  Luke's been pumping a year and LOVES it.  We had
a meeting in Austin today with other families w/ DM, and a 12 yr. old
said she wouldn't give up her pump either.  
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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