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[IPp] Re: New fan for Sil-serter

<<From: email @ redacted
I don't see how I can ever get Claire to agree to try the Sils on her tummy.  
Someone sent me a Sil-serter that they didn't want, and she just has a fit 
seeing it.  Not the pretty little thing that the Quick Serter is!!

Did you use numbing cream?  And how has the absorption been, in comparison to 
Quick-sets on the upper butt?

Barbara, Claire's Mum>>

We don't use numbing cream - we encourage Luke to do deep breathing to
help control the stress reaction but we try to do site changes in short
amounts of time, and as far as I know, Emla doesn't work quickly.  Luke's
been great about it too, so we haven't mentioned any other product.  

The absorption on the tummy has been great - at least as good as a QuickSet
on the butt.  I think this is because the Silserter got it to the right
place.  The Sils we tried a couple months back didn't do well, but that
was with manual insertion.

Luke tried it because he didn't want to have another site change day
that took 4 site changes & about 4 shots to get it right.  He was pretty
scared of the Sil needle still.  But he likes the SilSerter - he was
popping it a few times & practiced on his Rufus bear.

Maybe someday Claire will want to try something new.  It's so hard
in kids & adults - we all like to stick with things that we know.
Shelly V, mom to Luke, 7, dx'd 10/99, pumping 3/01

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