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Re: [IPp] pump trial questions

our rep both time for both pumps, disetronic h-tron and animas came to our 
home for start up with h-tron for saline, animas to switch from h-tron to 
animas. both reps dropped by afterwards just to see how things were going, 
the first rep came by several times, called me, and emailed me for several 
months, came by to fix things we needed, like i decided we didn't need the 
alarm for no bolus for 8 hours anymore as it would shut the pump down and 
some nites she wasn't getting any insulin for part of the nite.
we only switched to insulin in the hospital start up we already had the pump 
training and could do infusions etc.
her sites last from if i make her change them on the 3rd day to 6 or more 
days, usually change when insulin runs out on the 300 units on the 3-4 day. 
but sometimes for some reason if she had to change a site as it fell out or 
something and we end up refilling the cartridge before the current site is 3 
days old, i could be in for up to 6 or 7 days, but we only do this with the 
rapids, when we use the ultras they have to be changed every three days, even 
then there is a hole big enough to fit the grand canyon in. with rapids there 
isn't even a mark where the site had been.
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