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Re: [IPp] pump trial questions

In a message dated 4/26/2002 9:21:08 AM Mountain Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

> We are going to try the QuickSets with the 6mm cannula and 23" tubing.  Are 
>  there sets that I should consider having in the house, in case we have a 
>  problem, or just make sure that I get a couple of extra QuickSets before I 
>  walk out of the endo's office?

You'll probably want to have an inserter for the Quick Sets (some pumpers 
insert them manually but I think most do use the inserter.  In addition to a 
couple of Quick-sets, you might want to have a couple of the sets that insert 
at an angle rather than straight in like the Quick-sets.  Depending on what 
pump company you're dealing with the angled-insertion set may be called 
either Silhouettes, Comforts, or Tenders (and possibly an EZset, if Animas 
has those available already).  The Silhouettes (from Minimed, who also make 
the Quick-set) has an insertion device available.

>  When you did your pump trials, was there anything NOT provided by your 
>  endo's office that you wish you had gotten?  Should I assume that they 
>  provide the stuff to make removing the adhesive go okay, or should I have 
>  baby oil, Goo Gone, tea trea oil, etc. handy on my own?

we did our pump trial after we'd already received our duaghter's pump from 
Animas (and it came with several sets and the various items we needed like 
Skin Prep for cleaning the site and Unisolve for removing it).  If you're 
doing a trial with a loaner pump through your endo's office, I would suggest 
you call them and ask what they will be providing . . .

Good luck & Happy Pumping!

Pumpmama to Katie
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