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[IPp] pump trial questions

Hi everyone,
We got some excellent news on Monday!  We visited our new endo and requested 
a pump trial.  We have our date in May!

We are going to try the QuickSets with the 6mm cannula and 23" tubing.  Are 
there sets that I should consider having in the house, in case we have a 
problem, or just make sure that I get a couple of extra QuickSets before I 
walk out of the endo's office?

When you did your pump trials, was there anything NOT provided by your 
endo's office that you wish you had gotten?  Should I assume that they will 
provide the stuff to make removing the adhesive go okay, or should I have 
baby oil, Goo Gone, tea trea oil, etc. handy on my own?

Just curious to see what I need to gather before we do the trial.

Thanks for your input,
(Mom to Jeremy, 8 today!, dx'd 12/00)

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