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Re: [IPp] CT POPs

Hi Paula,
My son Joshua who is 2 is on the paradigm and we are currently using the
sils.  Are you using any cream to numb the area?  Everytime we have site
changes, lately he's been running from me.  I have tried ELMA cream, but
that doesn't seem to be working.  Any suggestions?  Thanks Angela
At 10:33 AM 4/26/2002 -0400, you wrote:>Hi,>Did Sarah say she was in CT? 
I got confused on the thread.... is it the>same Sarah who goes to CT
Children's?  I (my daughter) used to go there,>but at that time (2 1/2
years ago) they weren't putting kids on pumps,>so we switched to Yale
Children's.  We use the MM508, Humalog, and>recently switched to
Sillouettes and have been getting 3 days out of>sites pretty regularly. 
>Paula, Mom to Genevieve (age almost 7, dx'd @ 13 mths, pumping since Jan>2000)
and James (non-d)>Lebanon, CT>---------------------------------------------------------->for
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