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[IPp] Re: pop statistics ?

In a message dated 4/24/02 7:58:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

M> smom,
> HbA1c's in the 5 & 6's?  We haven't been anything other than 8, 9, or 10 in
> a year.  What's your secert?  My son is 13 yr. old, diagnosed a yr. ago and
> we've been fiddling with amt. of Humolog & Lantus every week.  He still
> bounces around.  I'm hoping to get him on a pump soon, but have one Endo 
> who
> says he has to have better control first.  Recently have gone to a new 
> Endo.
> and hope to get on pump soon, but we're still fiddling with amts.  Any
> advice?
> Could use some.  I'm frustrated!

Carol, of course you are frustrated and probably a bit depressed about it 
too.  I know I was.
Claire's HbA1c pre-pump were always around 10, and one not long after her 
being ill for a couple of weeks, was 11.  We had moved back to Canada from 
the UK to get her on a pump.  So then  the hospital said she needed to have 
better control before she could start a pump.  DUH!!!  Why did they think I 
wanted a pump???  I quickly found a new endo and hospital, thank goodness, 
who said she could start pumping right away, after a session with the nurse 
and dietician to review carb counting etc.  I was very well prepared for 
pumping, I would have started her myself, which is legal in Canada.  
     Now with her recent switch to Novolog, we have days and days of in-range 
numbers.  Its so incredible that now I consider a 180 a really high 
number--18 months ago I was very happy to see a 180 and not a 360 bg.  
     So hang in there, things will be better with a pump.  And its a 
difficult age, your son is probably eating lots, growing,  etc.

Barbara, Mum of Claire born 4/94; dx 4/97; pumping with H-tron, Quick-sets 
(and now Novolog) 4/01  
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