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RE: [IPp] POP Statistics?

Your son is not pumping right?  The way you approach the pump is different
than the shots.  With a pump, your son will have the freedom of eating
whatever he wants (including sweets!<g>) without a raise in bgs or extra
shots.  Your no longer on a time table of insulin at this time, snack at
this time-in fact, there is no need for snacks unless they are hungry or
they need the carbs for an activity!:O)  Diabetes is not a "sugar" disease,
it's a lack of insulin problem.  Replace the insulin and you can eat what
you want.  You sound like your VERY knowledgable about carb counting and
insulin-this will insure a very good result with pumping!:O)  We keep the
attitude that Riley is a child first and a Diabetic last.  He's been able to
do this with the pump.  I've can even keep his numbers in range after eating
a big slice of cake WITH frosting!<G>  Now with extended boluses, chocolate
or high fat content with carbs is no longer a problem.  You have to be
careful about being too strict with diet because you could end up with a
rebellion on your hands when they hit teen years OR sneaking could become an
issue.  My sister (dx'd at age 3) had no choice but to follow a low sugar
(they didn't know about carbs back then) diet because she didn't have a
meter untill she was 11, and she was on pork and beef insulin.  She used to
hide candy wrappers under her bed when she was around 8 and when she was a
teen, she would "cheat" and drink sugar pop, candy bars out of the snack
machine, etc.  She's now had TI for 26 years with no complications but she
also takes care of herself too.  I guess, I just don't want to make food a
battle ground kwim?  I'm going to have enough conflict in my house when I
have THREE teen boys at one time and a pre-teen daughter!!!
Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!:O)  Oh, I should add that we don't eat sweets on a
daily basis-that's not healthy for anyone but we don't hesitate to let Riley
eat a treat when everyone else is either-maybe a candy bar once or twice a
week.  I didn't want anyone to get the impression we just eat junk food!<G>

Take care,
Amy-mom to Tyler-9, Riley-6(dx'd 7-1-99&pumping 23 mos), Mason-4, Cailin
Rose-3, & Lane-5 mos
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