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Re: [IPp] POP Statistics?


I guess I am just very strict with my son. He is five yrs old and was 
diagnosed when he was two.  I do exactly what the endo tells me to do. If the 
doc says to give him his A.M. shot by 6:30, I do it.  I follow the carb to 
insulin ratio very carefully...and I don't let him eat things high in sugar 
or carbs for that matter.  Don't get me wrong, our every day battle with 
numbers go  up and down....I think it is the age, he is very active.  But 
when he was diagnosed and we were trained, I took in every single word and 
followed it exactly. I taught him what to eat and what not to eat....and he 
is really good....when we go places and he is offered something, he asks if 
it has sugar in it or if he can have a diet drink instead.  Our endo is 
great. We live in CT and we go to the CT Children's Hosp.  I keep in close 
contact with them and we go for his check ups every three months as 
instructed.  I test him whenever I am in doubt...and sometimes he is low and 
sometimes he is just fine. But for the peace of mind, I test him.  He doesn't 
mind at all.  They say not to let Diabetes run your life, and I try to keep 
that in mind, but honestly, I want my son to live a long and healthy life, so 
I always keep the Diabetes in the back of my head.  Sometimes, he doesn't 
understand when I tell him no to certain things, But I tell him that eating 
this or that, is just not worth it. The way he feels when he is low or 
high....I ask him, is that piece of candy worth it? And almost always he says 
nope, its not mommy.
So in summary, we eat at the exact same time every day...all meals, all 
snacks, shots are right on time....and we test him on average 8 times a day.  
Plus, I am a nut on gathering information...so I have read and studied up on 
this disease, sometimes the doctors are amazed at how I can correct his 
sliding scale myself, but no one knows their kids better than we do...and no 
one loves them more.
Mother of Matthew age 5
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